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If you want light, neutral oil, that can help lower cholesterol, rice bran oil is a top choice. I found Rice Bran Oil the most subtle in taste - almost neutral - compared to olive, canola and sunflower oils. And its taste is quite unique and nice. I have never had a guest complain about my food after I started using Bright Rice Bran Oil from Jai Durga oil

Convincing my kids to eat the right kind of food is the toughest task I have faced as a housewife, but with Sanjivani I knew they were eating right. Its healthy, delicious, nice and most of all "Say Bye Bye to my Tension

I am very conscious about what I eat!! At first I was like, Bright Rice Bran Oil is going to be very different from the other products I use but once I started using it I found it to be very easy and delicious. And not to forget it has antioxidant and Vit E which help me stay FIT..

A good oil product is determined good only when it is good for health and has less problems and side effects. Bright Rice Bran Oil has no side effects at all and it is declared best for health by the experts

Bright Rice Bran Oil helps lower cholesterol because it contains substances that decrease cholesterol absorption and increase cholesterol elimination. Now my husband can have all his favorite food without me having to worry about his health. Totally CAREFREE