About Jai Durga Oil

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Health and Nutrition
There are endless health benefits to choosing rice bran oil over other edible oils: No colesterol, no trans fatty acids, it has anti-thrombotic and anti-cancer properties.
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The strong JDO brands “DURGA” & “Sanjivani” have positive health benefits & excellent taste. The brands are treasured by Indian households & used for all types of cooking.
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We've talked to a few of the regular users of Jai Durga Oil's rice bran oil. See what they have to tell about the taste and how they use the oil in their everyday cooking.
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"We focus on producing excellent and healthy oil products"

About the Company

Jai Durga Oil Extraction Pvt. Ltd., a state of the art refinery unit has set up a solvent extraction and processing unit in the richly state of Chattishgarh in the town of Bhilaspur. Our primary goal is to deliver quality products for India to stay fit and healthy. Reaching a decade of its operations, customer satisfaction and timely distribution, Jai Durga Oil Extraction Pvt. Ltd. has quickly become a trusted brand in every household.

With the brands “DURGA” and “Sanjivani” Jai Durga Oil Extraction Pvt. Ltd. further strengthened its loyalty among the consumers which would have been impossible without a constant hunger to grow and to deliver quality products.The success rate has definitely increased by keeping up with the technology and timely up gradation of the machineries. You can read more about our tasty, healthy and nutritious products via this link.